Our Mission is to make Kundalini Yoga accessible to all who seek to practice it. You can either RSVP on our Facebook page @KYCS or drop in. Yes, we are really donation based! $5-$15 per hour-long class is the suggested donation.

There are three entrances to Fitbody Studio. KYCS is located it the  Bamoo room so please use the enrance located off of Jackson St.   Yes, it is confusing! There are limited parking spaces so if the lot is full you can park off of Nevada Ave. or across the street in the Penrose Hospital visitor parking lot. DO NOT PARK ON JACKSON ST. OR ELSE YOU WILL BE TICKETED. 
"It is your manners which will decide you. Cheap you act, cheap you will be. Priceless you act, infinite you will be."
Yogi Bhajan